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Problems with firmware updates
Last Updated 4 years ago

You are getting a timeout when using the Tubbutec firmware updater tool?
Here is what to look for:

- Make sure midi in and output are connected
- (No joke) connect midi in to midi out. Not midi in to midi in and midi out to midi out. (This has happened before)
- Make sure you have selected the correct midi interfaces in the drop down box

In case you are updating the 1oh1, you can check connection by checking the firmware version. If that does not work, it's not worth trying the actual update.

When you start the update and get a timeout right away, there is one way to check if the sending, or the receiving side has problems:
If after starting the update the synth still responds, it has never even gotten the firmware update request. if however the synth does not react to normal keyboard presses and needs to restart, it has gotten the update request and the receiving side of your connection might be the issue

Try a different midi interface. Some interfaces do weird stuff when it comes to sysex.

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