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I have problems on my Mono/Poly with the ARP switch.
Last Updated a year ago

this is a rather complicated to fix. The reason for your problem comes down to the way your ARP switch works.
You see: Switches like this can work in two different ways:
- make before break
- and break before make

Usually the Mono/Poly switches are break before make. I suspect yours is worn out and has a make before break behavior.
In the original version this is not an issue. Here, only the arp states are important: OFF, ON and LATCH. The ModyPoly however needs to see the movement of the switch. specifically it needs to see if you move it from OFF to ON in order to turn on the sequencer.

This is why there is now a difference in behavior. In the original the worn out switch does not matter, but in the mono/Poly it does.

So the best solution would be to replace the switch, or clean it and hope that fixes the issue.

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